Many people confuse Medicare advantage plans with the original medicare plans. They are   Medicare Advantage plansa bit similar but there are huge differences between them as well, which sets them apart and provides a benefit for us. But first, let’s have a quick overview of what is original medicare and what is a medicare advantage plan. Interested in Medicare Advantage plans? Get quotes from https://www.2020medicareadvantage.com    Original Medicare is provided by the U.S. government and is made up of 2 plans, namely – Part A, and Part B. Part A of the original medicare covers facilities such as skilled nursing, nursing homes, and hospital insurance. Whereas, part B of the Original Medicare includes doctor visits, lab tests, and much more.

The Medicare Advantage plan is part C of the Medicare program and is provided by private institutions which are certified by Medicare, that is the U.S. government. They include added benefits of dental, vision, fitness centres, prescription drugs, transportation costs, and much more. Although they have certain restrictions. You need to have part A and part B of Medicare to be eligible for Advantage plans. Advantage plans differ from county to county and thus you need to look for yourself which plan is supported by your area.

So what is the real difference between the Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans? Are they actually beneficial or just costly?The advantage plans provide extra benefits of fitness gyms, routine dental care, vision care. Whereas the Original Medicare plans do not provide any such additional service.

With the advantage plans, there are certain restrictions imposed where they charge you much less if you use a doctor in their network. Some advantage plans don’t even cover the expenses of doctors out of their network. Whereas, Original Medicare gives you the freedom to choose any doctor who takes Medicare patients. No such restriction is imposed.

Most of the advantage plans cover prescription drug services and allocate a fixed deductible amount. Part D of the medicare is not covered by Original Medicare.The advantage plans do not support if you have to travel out of the U.S. in case of an emergency. It generally takes care of services only in its network and does not cover foreign expenses. The original Medicare does provide expense coverage for an emergency situation.

There is a maximum out-of-pocket expense set by most of the Medicare Advantage plans. Once this limit has reached all further expenses are born by your plan. Whereas in Original medicare no such limit is set. Medicare advantage plans undoubtedly have many benefits as compared to the original Medicare. However, it depends on the individual whether his scope of requirements need the benefits or not.

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